2008 TADA Research Evaluation eXchange (T-REX)

TADA (the Text Analysis Developers' Alliance) announces a new text analysis event: a multi-category "best ideas" type competition intended to stimulate innovation in text analysis and encourage connections between users and developers.

Competition Categories

Competition Guidelines


Winning entries will get small Canadian-themed prizes (think genuine maple syrup) and will be publicly acknowledged both in announcements, documentation and any publications resulting (including in the Digital Humanities Quarterly). OpenSky Solutions is our prize sponsor.



T-REX is proud to be sponsored by the following organizations:

TAPoR Sharcnet
TADA Imersel
OpenSkySolutions DHQ


T-REX, partly modelled after MIREX, plans to develop a model of regular challenge categories that are decided upon by TADA members to replace the categories above. The idea is that we agree on a challenge and then compare our tool solutions.