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Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR)

TAPoR is a CFI funded research infrastructure project. A major part of the project is the development of a Text Analysis Portal which researchers can use.

Important: TAPoR Redesign Project
The TAPoR portal has been moved to the University of Alberta and we have redesigned it. TAPoR 2.0 is now available. If you want to use TAPoR 1.0 go to .

Some starting points:

  • Who do contact if you have questions about the portal or the version you are using.

  • TAPoR Training includes a video tutorial on the portal by Geoffrey Rockwell.

Some research starting points:

  • InterFACE is a research investigation that adopts a case study model to examine the viability of personas as a design methodology to enrich and inform the creation of the interface for a text analysis research portal, such as TAPoR.

Other Links

  • TAPoR Survey - Have you used the TAPoR Portal? If you have, please fill out our survey.


-- GeoffreyRockwell - 30 Apr 2005

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